Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is Toby Jordan and those are lampshades. This is the kid that drops puppies out of trees to see if they will fly, sings "Throw Chloe (his sister) away, don't keep her a single day..." to the tune of "White Sugar" (a kid's song that teaches the downsides of white sugar and how they should throw it away), gets a swat and sings all about it at the same time, runs straight through doors (ok, plywood, but basically pushed the center of the door right out of the frame), generally a holy terror. I mean, the kid falls down a flight of stairs and laughs about it! Is fantastically confused about birthdays; he has no doubts that he shares everyone's birthday with them. Absolutely no question! But on the other side, he is incredibly sweet and is always ready for a cuddle and a kiss.

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