Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Kiddos

Ok so, some pix of the kids since that is what my life evolves around at this certain time. I like the 'real to life' fotos, this one 4 example. The first is considerably more real then this:

Forgive them, the sun is real powerful here in Ghana; messes with your head.
Right then. That's actually me. The warpaint and weird head gear is due to the fact that I was temporarily overcome with 'football fever' and actually went to a game during the Cup of African Nations 2008, which is so not me; just wanted to see the Ghana team, the Black Stars, esp. Micheal Essien, Sulley Muntari, the Gyans, and Agogo. First game was Guinea vs. Morocco, then Ghana vs. Namibia. The horrid grimace is due to the heat and noise which caused prehistorically sized head-pains, and we had only just got there. Trust me, I'd much rather stay home and watch on the tely (and see Essien up close, heheh). But then I'm not such a football freak so maybe I shouldn't speak. Btw, Ghana won 1-nil.

This is Toby Jordan and those are lampshades. This is the kid that drops puppies out of trees to see if they will fly, sings "Throw Chloe (his sister) away, don't keep her a single day..." to the tune of "White Sugar" (a kid's song that teaches the downsides of white sugar and how they should throw it away), gets a swat and sings all about it at the same time, runs straight through doors (ok, plywood, but basically pushed the center of the door right out of the frame), generally a holy terror. I mean, the kid falls down a flight of stairs and laughs about it! Is fantastically confused about birthdays; he has no doubts that he shares everyone's birthday with them. Absolutely no question! But on the other side, he is incredibly sweet and is always ready for a cuddle and a kiss.

That is Emily. It was some kind of dance... I know, I feel the same. She's actually quite normal, really. Wow... anyhow, TIA ,anything can happens :)

Here's Chris,
obviously delighted with something. Could be anything.